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During our inspections, we will note any and all ventilation mistakes and be sure to go over them with you to decide if we need to make any adjustments on your home. 

Winter or summer we need to make sure the ventilation is working properly. This will help your new roof last longer and protect all of your warranties and may help reduce your heating/cooling bills.

We will make sure all vents and fans get connected to metal vents on the roof. This will ensure that they vent outside and not into the attic. All vents installed on the roof will be in the correct spot centered on the hole. This can make the roof breathe wrong by restricting the amount of air movement. When vents are installed out the gables, they can cause higher humidity in the attic. You can see some are falling back into the attic leaving all the exhaust to flow back into your home.

Different types of ventilation can be installed. 

In the first three pictures you can see the process in which we install ridge vents. You can also see other types of vents that we install including RVO-80 metal vents, metal fan vents, AF-50 plastic vents 

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