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Most of the roofs we look at only need to be repaired, but sometimes we find that the damage is too extensive for a repair and a full replacement may be needed. We always make sure we find a solution that is the best option for you and your home 

Roof Replacement

Can you see under the roof from the ground? Do you find granules on the ground or when you clean out the gutters? When shingles get older they begin to loose granules. The seal that holds the granules together also begins to deteriorate. This may mean its time for a new roof. We replace all types of roofing.


We repair most types of roofing including asphalt, cedar-shake, low slope (torch down, PVC, TPO, EPDM, metal roofs, tile roofs). Contact us to come take a look and we will find the best solution for your needs.


Incorrect ventilation can cause issues with your roof such as high levels of condensation, leaks, and heat/AC loss

Skylights and Solar Tubes

We can install skylights, replace old ones with new ventilated ones, or we can create new ones to bring more light into your home. We can also install solar tubes in those dim hallways or interior bathrooms on the top floor.

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